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thai-indian coconut cumin chicken


• 2 lbs chicken breast and thighs...skinned and boned ...cut into sizes of about two inches
• 8 oz Leon's coconut cilantro cauce
• 2 teaspoons cumin powder

cooking directions:

Wash and rinse chicken; pat dry cut into ½" pieces; place chicken in a medium bowl.

Mix in the cumin and the coconut cilantro sauce so as to get a nice consistency.

Sprinkle over chicken and then toss well to coat. Cover and let stand for 2 hours in refrigerator.

Now you have an option to either bake or to slow simmer. Enjoy the outcome with pita bread, potatoes or rice.

To bake...Put the chicken and sauce in a large pan and cover with foil or a dish with lid...Bake at 375' F for 40 min's. For an additional BBQ like texture, after baking remove covering ...place chicken under broiler for 2-3 min's... use the run-off liquid as a gravy for the potatoes or rice.

To slow bake...175' F for 3 hours... cover top with lid or foil...for a crispy texture after baking...follow procedure as mentioned above...enjoy.

As an extra garnish after baking ... add thinly sliced red onion rings with some fresh lemon or lime juice.

An alternative is to use a crock-pot. You can also add potatoes and carrots to the coconut cilantro chicken and slow cook as a stew.

Leftovers: Should always be refrigerated and can be made into a chicken salad and used for sandwich needs.

Here's a simple tip:
Cut remaining bits of chicken into smaller chunks and put into a blender with about another table-spoon of Coconut Cilantro Sauce and blend/pulse for a few seconds until you get the texture of your choice. Makes a lovely sandwich with fresh sour-dough bread.
Or add some to a lovely leafy green salad.
Above all ...be adventurous and really enjoy your food.


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